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Zeroing iron sights


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Jun 13, 2014
Western, KY
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The rifle is zeroed, i.e. the sights are correctly
adjusted, before issue to the user but it may require
some attention to correct for elevation and direction
to suit individual needs.
Such correction must be done by a qualified
armourec, or on instructor, who will have the special
tools to do this.
a) Correction for Elevation
Errors in elevation are corrected by screwing the
foresight up or down. If it is screwed up, the
M. P. I. will be moved down and vice-versa.
A spring detent locates and holds the foresight
in position, which forms a clicking device with the
16 equal divisions serrated under the foresight collar;
this assists the armourer when calculating
movement of the M. P. I. Moving the foresight
1 division (or click) is equal to a variation in
M. P. I. of 1 cm at 100 metres (approx. 0.39” at
109 yds).
b) Correction for Direction
Errors in direction are corrected by moving the
backsight to the right or left.
If the M. P. I. is to the right of the point sighted,
the screw on the left of the sight is loosened
and the screw on the right is screwed up, thus
moving the sight laterally along its dovetail from
right to left. Tighten the screw on the left.
When the correction has been made, and before
shooting, tighten both screws.
If the M. P. I. is to the left of the point sighted,
the sight must be moved from left to right.
A movement of 1 division (or click) is equal to
a variation in M. P. I. (to right or left) of 1 cm at
100 metres (approx. 0.39” at 109 yds).


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Jan 20, 2009
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In one video put out by 5romeoromeo (you tube) he states that each time they were called up they test fired the rifle they were issued. He also says that the armorer made adjustments to each rifle as needed to correct the individuals point of impact.