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SWFA customer service


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Jan 2, 2003
northern, Wi.
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Long story short, If you have a Capital one credit card, save yourself some trouble and call to order instead of trying to do it online (or use a different card).

So, I was ordering from them this morning, they usually have pretty good deals on their "super sniper" line of optics on black friday, which are quite nice. All was going fine until the checkout process claimed the address didnt match the card I was using, tried a couple things along with confirming information was correct myself, which it was. Strange part is it would say pending on the e-statement even though nothing went through and no order number. Well, now it's time to call and see what is going on here (I hate talking on phones, but dont have much choice at times). So I talked to a nice chick from SWFA, and apparently Capital one doesnt mesh with the card service they use. Capital one doesnt confirm the address or something with it, so it rejects it. (meaning their card service rejects the transaction, not Capital one). Ok, so that is rather dumb, but it has to do with security and whatever apparently. A conference call could be done with Capital one in order to process the transaction, but that would be too much trouble IMO. So anyway we decided I would send a money order and that was that. The strange/stupid part is back in '17 I had used a Capital one card to order without issue, so it must be a more recent thing.

I was quite happy that I didnt have to be on hold for more then ten seconds, and that the person I talked to spoke plain english and was quite helpful. I would give their CS an A+.


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Jun 13, 2014
Western, KY
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I've seen similar things happen with different card companies. I don;t have a Capitol One card, but they are not alone on this stuff.

My debit card, my personal credit card, and my company credit card are all based in unrelated companies. One or the other will always work when that "too much security" nonsense happens with one or the other.


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Mar 2, 2003
Indian River, Florida
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It could have been a Black Friday setup glitch online. I had that happen several times during check out over the years on different sites.
Cap One is the only CC I use and I have learned not to insert my CC number online especially for anything related to guns as a few unauthorized purchases have shown up and the card is cancelled. You know what a pita that can be waiting up to 10 days for a new card and all the auto-pay accounts have to be reset up with a new number.
I use Paypal for everything with my Cap One card as the paying power. With Paypal you have recourse if something goes amok where with a CC company you are not always guaranteed a refund.


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Oct 8, 2011
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I did two purchases with my card at different stores within 10 minutes form each other on black friday and the second one was flagged. I also use virtual cards even though they stopped making them as one-time-only, which sucks salty hairy ones.