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Stuff like this is re-affirming


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Nov 23, 2002
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I believe the only way he got by handling that raptor that way was the bird being exhausted.
While on patrol one day I came upon a large Redtailed Hawk that was wrapped up in an old cassette tape, flopping around on the berm. I put on a pair of fire fighting gloves I had in the trunk to try and hold the bird while a female passerby worked at removing the tape tightly wrapped around the legs and wings. That Hawk was NOT appreciative of the help at all. His talons went all the way through those heavy insulated gloves and he was doing his best to remove chunks of our flesh using his beak.

RG Coburn

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Mar 20, 2007
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You guys ever find yourself in a spot like this,you put your coat or a blanket over the creature first.Put its head in the dark.Don't smother it,but hold it firm enough to control. Yeah,I kinda think that bird was about exhausted right out,really didn't have much left either way.Its cool,that he got it clear,and it lived.
I once found a mummified cat remains at a township dump,he jumped thru an old tire,that had the nylon cords hanging,around where the bead is,and it must have jumped thru a loop,and spun itself up tight,fighting.Looked like it was in the center of a web.