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Semi-Conversion Parts Required for PKM/PKT, DP-27/28, MG-42/59, Sten MK2, Bren, & Other Kit Builds


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Oct 16, 2017
Houston, TX
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I created this post to help verify what I think I know, understand what I'm missing, and hopefully, help others in the process.

The purpose of this post is not to get build advice, discuss the actual build procedure, or troubleshoot. It’s purely to understand which semi-auto specific parts need to be purchased, are available to purchase, and what it may cost. This info is correct to my knowledge as of September 29th, 2023.

This information may be incomplete or incorrect. If it is, please let me know and I will do my best to add/modify the list of SA specific parts required for a build. If you're familiar with other SA kit builds I haven't covered, please include them in the comments! Cross-posted.

  • SA trigger housing- In stock at Free Rein Mfg. via GunBroker. Website is down. Available on back order from M13 Industries and bloc_parts (on Instagram). Both confirmed they will restock. Bloc_Parts only sells to FFL's.
  • SA receiver. Previously available from VLTOR for $1,100 but currently out of stock. Unconfirmed if they will restock.
  • No reweld jigs available but blank receivers can be purchased for $50-$350 (riveting required)
  • Bolt with firing pin, bolt carrier, and lower trigger housing need to be purchased/modified for semi auto. SmgGunsStore sells a "parts and mods" kit (in stock) but it is extremely expensive for what it is. $405 for modding customer supplied parts and $671 for purchasing their supplied parts.-Is there a cheaper option?
  • Complete receivers are unavailable so receiver pieces must be re-welded (jig available)
  • SA trigger pack- available from BRP Guns (in-stock) $295
  • SA bolt assembly- there are multiple pieces to this and my understanding is that some can be recycled from the original bolt while others need to be semi-auto specific. BRP Guns’ product titled “Second Pattern Semi Auto Bolt Assembly with Removable Rear Extension (WITHOUT HEAD)” is currently in-stock for $300. Unsure what other parts of the bolt assembly are required but not included.
  • Complete receivers are unavailable so receiver pieces must be re-welded (jig available but very expensive, roughly $1,200)
Sten MK2
  • SA tube- has a slightly smaller diameter than a standard Sten tube to work with a SA Sten bolt. Indianapolis Ordnance sells these tubes for $80 (in stock)
  • SA bolt- sold as a kit from Indianapolis Ordnance. Currently in-stock for $280
  • Bolt, bolt carrier, and lower need to be modified for semi auto. Currently not available to purchase as parts but some gunsmiths may modify existing parts.
  • Complete receivers are unavailable so receiver pieces must be re-welded (jig available)
Cheers and happy building!