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Just picked up this Australian l1a1 build, with trilux sight. Did i do good?


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Nov 23, 2022
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Hello everyone this is my first post here. I just picked up this l1a1 rifle from what I can tell it's Australian. It's an inch build. This is my second FAL. So I'm not too knowledgeable yet. But from what I can ascertain it is Australian and it was probably an early 90s build from century one of their actual better ones. What can people tell me about it did I do good? From what I can gather on another forum. This is a North Country engineering receiver. And that they were one notch Below Inbel. So I'm looking for an honest opinions. What do you guys think?



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Oct 24, 2006
Around here somewhere
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Well aside from another 'get that bipod off' comment, I think it has character....if the headspace is good,YOU are happy with the look and it functions well and hits what you aim at I say you are gtg. Hate to ask but must, what was the price you paid for it? Ballpark is good enough for us to give a good assessment of how you did.
I am not familiar with that receiver so the above mentioned functionality points apply then it is a good receiver no matter the maker. You can always improve the wood furniture at some point if you want it a bit 'tidier' that it appears to be(damaged PG and possible stock damage at the receiver,lower corner?)

Either way congrats on the new addition and if you think you were taken when you handed over the $400 you paid for it I will buy it off ya for $500 ;) :giggle:(y)