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Err, umm, why do 80% lowers go for 4x more $$ than finished name-brand units???


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Aug 25, 2014
Foothills of the Blueridge Mountains
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I don't see the desire for an 80% when buying a lower FTF is much easier and then if take to range where an uneducated Barney happens to be don't have to try and educate him that your black rifle is not required to have a serial. Way I read the regulations and reports of raids while you will most likely win your day in court but is court and lawyers worth it? I went totally bass awkwards on them.

Registered over 120 lowers in just one year, confusing as crap considering I give them away to friends and relatives. Buy fifty triggers on one purchase and dozens of barrels at a time. Its confusing as crap. Past two weeks found four AR 15s I swear I don't remember building but can tel, that I did. One is a really cool 13.7" Noveske 6.8 with pinned Flaming Pig, binary trigger, SIG Romeo 4T, 4x swing up optics just like FBI and SAS are uusing.

Thought had only bought one 4T and 4x optic kit so now wondering if may have another lurking about. Went through phase of building an AR every week or two then giving one in five away. Add in the boating accident where pile of rifles and my log book of builds sank its a mess of what I still have and whats been given away. Every relative and friend who mustered out or kids mustered out after doing a combat tour gifted them all an M4gery of some type.