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**AR500 Summer STEEL TARGET group buy! OPEN NOW!!


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Nov 26, 2011
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The time has come for JC Steel Target's Summer Premium AR500 Steel Target group buy. We have had tons of people want to get in on another group buy so here is the chance.

These prices are absolutely incredible, Even Better than the last group buy!!!! We can not promise to ever be this low again. The price of premium steel is climbing like everything else, so get in on this and save some serious cash.

Before we begin, we would like to thank everyone for all the support. If you do not know what we are all about here on Jubilee Youth Ranch, please visit jcsteeltargets.com or jyranch.org for more info. Our proceeds go back to Jubilee, so not only do you get an extremely high quality product, but you help support at risk youth here on Jubilee Youth Ranch. And our students gain many skills needed from every plate that is sold. Design skills, packing skills, invoicing skills, label/shipping skills, and the overall business skills this creates. Again Thanks!!

We are only going to offer a select number of products this time around. It will make it much more managable, and you will be able to get your products in a very timely manner.

Here is how the group buy will work-

We will run the group buy until August 15th at 10PM PST. Then it will close, and no more orders will be taken.

I will let you know how to make the payment and what steps to follow when your ready to put your order in. If you would like just post here what you want and then send me a PM, Or email me at jcsteeltargets@gmail.com. Were are going to try and ship starting from the orders we receive first. So if you get your order in towards the start of the group buy, you will be the first to get delivery of your targets.

After August 15th, I will close the group buy, our students will take the time order all the plate, pack the steel, tape the boxes, print the labels, and everything else involved to make sure you get your plates in a timely manner. We can not guarantee a delivery date, but we are aiming at having everything shipped out by August 29th. Again, not a guarantee, just a hopeful guess. We will do our best to make that happen.

Here are the targets we are very proud to offer.

---3" Triangle 3/8" Premium AR500-One 3/8" hole. 2.5LBS- $3 each

---3"x5" Diamond 3/8" Premium AR500-One 1/2" hole. 3.5LBS- $6 each

---6"X6" Square 1/2" Premium AR500- Two 1/2" Holes. 5.5LBS- $12 each

---8" Round 1/2" Premium AR500- Two 1/2" Holes. 7.5LBS- $19 each

---12" Round 3/8" Premium AR500- Two 1/2" Holes. 15LBS- $34 each

---40% IPSC 3/8" Premium AR500, ~12" Tall x 7.5" Wide. Two 1/2" Holes. 10LBS- $23 each

All of these above targets will be a part of our flat rate shipping described below.

---66% IPSC 3/8" Premium AR500, ~19" Tall x 12" Wide. Two 1/2" Holes. $70 each includes shipping on us. Two for $135 includes shipping on us. And three for $195 shipped

---Mini Coyote Target 3/8" Premium AR500, 24" Long x 12" Tall. Two 1/2" Holes. $80 each includes shipping on us. Two for $150 includes shipping on us.

---NEW Premium AR500 Spring back pepper popper/rock chuck popper. $88 for either design and we will again pay shipping for these. That is a screamin deal!! Our students make these from start to finish, and they are very high quality.

These 3 above targets are shipped prices. If you would like to get any other plates from the flat rate shipping group buy list, you will need to pay the flat rate shipping charge. Thank you for understanding.

These are the only targets we are going on include on this group buy. So please dont ask about others. Targets will come unpanited. If you need something else, it will have to be ordered away from the group buy.

We carry a few different T POST brackets, Rebar stands and such, that can be bought, but it will not be part of this group buy. Please contact us for more information about our target hanging methods and equipment or visit our website.

Shipping/handling charges-

All shipping/handling charges, unless otherwise noted, will be a flat fee of $18. This will cover you for up to 70LBs of Premium AR500. I have added all the weights to make it easy for you to calculate your shipping total before you make an order.

For your $18 you will get full value insurance, delivery confirmation, and USPS priority 2-3 day shipping.


For this group buy we will accept USPS money orders or paypal plus 4 percent. Or cash of course!

Steel shooting recommendations-

I recommend you shoot your Premium AR500 steel at 100 yards min. distance with 308 variety rounds and 200 yards min. distance with 300 mag variety rounds. If you do this your steel should last a very long time.

I have a 6x6-1/2" target I have tortured for 3 years now. It has seen roughly 2500 rounds of 300 WM, 308, 270, 338 varieties, 50 cal muzzleloaders, handguns and everything in between at a MAX distance of 25 yards. It shows no damage. Just knocks the paint off!!! That is not recommended though....But gives you an idea of the quality of our AR500 steel. Remember, speed is what truly hurts steel.

Premium AR500 3x5 Diamond

Premium AR500 6x6 Square

Premium AR500 8 Inch round

Premium AR500 40% IPSC

Premium AR500 mini Coyote target

AR500 Springback rock chuck/pepper popper

**AR500 Springback target video**


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Nov 26, 2011
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Dents huh???? I hope not! LOL,

Hey Guys, UPDATE TIME......

Total steel weight for the group buy is roughly 21,750 pounds.

We just sent out another 100 plus boxes this evening. Roughly 208 boxes remain. And a few more stagglers are coming in everyday!

All other boxes will be sent out around the 10th of September. I am heading down to S. CA to visit the mother bear, so will not be able to guide our youth in packing the orders until I get back.

We were short on 8 inch rounds and spring back targets. They should all be finished by the time I get back from Mom duties. SO, chances are if you did NOT order an 8 inch round or a springback target, yours are on the way. Assuming the order was here on time. I know its hard, but please try to resist the urge to ask me if your box was shipped or not? Its rather difficult to cater to all the inquiries. If you get a box on your porch in the next few days guess what??????? It was shipped.....

Thanks again guys for the orders and support. Your generousity in buying targets is helping progams on Jubilee Youth Ranch. And we are excited to produce an excellent product at untouchable prices!!!

Jake Vibbert
JC Steel Targets
Jubilee Youth Ranch