Under Construction..

>>> All Updates will be posted on the temporary forum [CLICK HERE] <<<

UPDATE - 08/01/2020: We have started migration of the AK Files to the updated software / server. It will take 12-24 hours for the site to be operational after the DNS/Server change. We expect to finish configuration and testing in the next 24 - 48 hours. Updates will be posted at the link listed above for the temporary forum.

On July 8th a hacker used an exploit on the web server to gain access to the server and delete all of the website files used by the AK Files and FAL Files bulletin boards. Our web and database servers are entirely different physical machines and, at this time, all data on the database server appears intact and uncompromised.

We have full backups, but are working on complete upgrades to all hardware, operating systems and software to prevent any further issues and patch any potential vulnerabilities.

A temporary combined forum has been setup which can be accessed at the original forum addresses:

     FAL Files
     AK Files

The shared board is a temporary "life boat" until we finish updating and restoring the main forums. Users will need to register a new account in order to use the forum while we're working on the main site. All posts made to this forum should be considered temporary in nature and will not be re-incorporated in the main forums once restored.

Any forum user should consider their email addresses and passwords compromised and should immediately change passwords on any sites which used the same password as used on the forums. We do not believe the databases were accessed but still suggest users update / secure their other accounts just in case.

We will be back soon.